Making bovine immunology and vaccinology come alive

Under the scientific guidance of Dr. Christopher Chase, 15 internationally renowned immunology specialists have come together to create this comprehensive book, which aims to provide an in-depth look at the bovine immune system and update professionals on key concepts in immunology and vaccinology. In its ten carefully edited chapters, it compiles the most cutting-edge information in the field, helping support established bovine veterinary professionals in their daily activity.

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  1. The Essentials—The Who, What, and Where of the Bovine Immune System 2
  2. In the Beginning—Development and Maximizing the Neonate Immune System 30
  3. A Difficult Time—Transition Immunity in the Dairy Cow
  4. Stress and Immunity—How Can We “Maintain” Homeostasis? 68
  5. Using the Major Immunological Tool—Vaccines... 86
  6. Dealing with the Major Culprit of the Dairy Cow—The Mammary Gland and the Immune Response 108
  7. Where It All Begins—GI System and Immunity 130
  8. A “Critical Life-Support” System—Maintaining respiratory healt 154
  9. Ensuring the Future—Fine-Tuning Reproductive Immunity 170
  10. Impacting Animal Health—The economics of vaccine use 192

Schematic drawings illustrate complex concepts in a detailed yet understandable way

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